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"What an amazing, calming experience! The weekend was about learning, laughter, perceptions, wonderful people and beautiful nature.

The coaches couldn’t be more professional and warm-hearted people. The retreat left a permanent mark in my heart. I warmly recommend it."


- Sanna S. Finland


Turning Purpose Into Performance

The Retreat

We experience constant pressure around us most of the time, and this is taking a toll on our performance and health. If transformed into negative stress and anxiety, in the long-run there is the risk to lose our purpose, the sense of meaning, and therefore impact negatively on our levels of energy, wellbeing, and reasons to enjoy life. On a daily basis, we wear different masks to help us accomplish goals in our lives. We can call that mask being a manager, a friend, a parent or a spouse; but who is behind each one of those masks? What is the essence that truly drives performance at work and in life allowing you to be your best?

Our Method - The 7 Secret Keys

During the three days, we will explore and experience how to use "The 7 Secret Keys of Performance and True-Nature". A methodology based on a set of research-based tools, strategies, and techniques. We will guide you to create and develop your personalised plan choosing what fits your preferences and actual needs.


By the end of the weekend, you will have your own customised method so you can put it into practice right the way. Are you looking for a hands-on experience for executives and professionals to improve your performance, find a stronger sense of purpose and inner calmness at work and in life? Then this is the retreat you have been waiting.

Goals & Objectives

During the Retreat you will:












Renew your life-plan and experience clarity.


Accomplish more, stress less with a calm mind.


Develop your behavioural flexibility to enjoy your experience of life.


Connect with your true-self to turn your dreams into tangible, real-world results and confidence. 


Understand how to improve your levels of performance, self-awareness, and self-acceptance.


Create your future today


Find a calmness and quiet space for reflection immersed in the Finnish nature. 


After introducing this experience in companies for many years in countries like Japan, India or Iceland, the concept finally reaches Finland by a team of world-class experts. The Life Planning Experience is limited to a small group. Make sure to reserve your place before they run out!

"What I learned helps me every day. The biggest effect was on being aware of my own Mindset towards what I am working at. By being aware I am also capable of deciding to change it. My capability to visualize my ambitions and goals in life was highly improved."

- Hrefna H. Iceland

How To Start Your Journey


The FindYourself RetreatTM will take place in a nice small cottage by the lake of Tuusula (20 minutes from the airport and 7 minutes from the train station in Kerava). We will start on Friday the 30th of August at 16:00 and finish on Sunday the 1st of September at 16:00.


The Basic-Ticket price for the Retreat includes:


        Ticket to the exclusive FindYourself RetreatTM

        Materials for the retreat


If you purchase the All-inclusive VIP-ticket you will also get:


        Accommodation for two nights 

        Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the retreat

        Exclusive access to a VIP library of resources for continuous development

        Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment


Few tickets left! Buy now your ticket for the next retreat. You can choose between the next two options:


Basic Ticket


Early-Bird Price


VIP Ticket

(Basic + Package) 


in a single room


(1.500€ after 15th June)

Start Your Journey

What People Say

Mirka K. - Training Manager 



I’ve been working with different trainings for over 10 years now. Marc Siles’ philosophy and methods were something totally new I had ever heard before. My experience of this retreat was groundbreaking to me and I feel now that my whole mindset has changed in a good way.


This retreat took me closer to myself and I feel I can hear my own voice again. I have found a way to relax and let go. I can only highly recommend this. You can find out how it suits you only by experiencing it by yourself.

Luis Miguel G. - Sales Director 



Imagine having a constant feeling of certainty, peace of mind and clarity. Those are the type of seeds Marc and Ruth sow in people around them.


There are countless reasons why this impacted the way I live and face challenges on daily basis. I can't find enough words to describe the gratitude and appreciation for all the wisdom I got from them both.

Þóra Birna Á. - HR Director 



With Marc’s coaching, I have developed myself professionally as an HR manager and in my personal life, by helping me understand myself better, understand my team better and putting my challenges into perspective. I feel like I have a better understanding of the unconscious mind and have been diving deep into my values and beliefs. I have a clearer sense of purpose not just at work but also at home with my family.

My organization has worked with Marc for a few years and through this work, we have reinvented the way we work. Putting the focus on purpose, managing energy, the importance of stepping back from daily stress and recharging, creating an organization of growth mindset and innovation. We have been able to achieve more and with more joy.

Meet Your Coaches

Your Coaches

Marc Siles

International Executive Coach

Former Senior Executive & Entrepreneur

Ruth Franco

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Mindfulness Instructor

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