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Marc P. - Director European Forest Institue


Marc’s charismatic and compelling attitude to life is his best credential for inspiring others to follow their leadership instincts.

Trudi V. - HR Global Director


For me, the sessions and learnings from Marc have really made a difference. I am really grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be part of the sessions and all the learnings I have gained and to see what huge value this impact has had for both me and the rest of my organization. Keywords that can be used; trust, involvement, empowered people.

Álfheiður A. - Finance Director 


The journey I went through under the facilitation of Marc changed my perspective towards all aspects of lifeI have been able to connect and understand my core values and what is important for me. It has allowed me to develop myself into what I want to be and understand the power to grow and maintain a successful personal and work live lies with me.


I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to develop through this program; it has helped to continuously become a better version of myself in all aspects of life.

Annie V. - Segment Manager  


I was fascinated by the diversity of knowledge that Marc thought me. He was able to open my eyes to new learnings.


Marc doesn’t play the “know it all guru”, he practices and excels at what experts publish and teach. Putting it together in his own personal approach. Known and new developments in science, mentoring you through the process.

Sunny W. - Plant Manager


Lots of added value by using Marc's services. The most impressive coaching practice that we were trained to use. It gave confidence that this will work. Having the work based on our actual strategy convinced us that he's helping us "in our shoes". The understanding of unconsciousness potentials and other tools used helped us communicate better with others which directly contribute to develop company cultural implementation and growth mindset.

Mark S. - General Manager


Over the last few years Marc has provided me with some superb coaching and I can not recommend him highly enough. He has really helped me 'see the bigger picture' and helped me to understand 'me'!

Ikeda T. - Vice President


The balance of theory and practical training was extremely good. We were not buried in the theory and we could focus on a pragmatic approach to our company's strategy. It was quite helpful to review what we are and where to go.


Marc's passional, energetic coaching was really impressive, and the most of us were so motivated to go ahead. Not forced to do, but lead us to the place where we should be. It is so effective for Japanese peoples, however, Marc's flexibility will adapt to your country, your culture. In this regard, I recommend having his coaching.

Marjo H. - Personal Coach 


Marcin huikea läsnäolo on vertaansa vailla. Hän on läsnä sinua varten ja osaa kohdata sinut arvostaen. Marcin tarinat tempaavat mukaansa ja niissä on aina joku sanoma. Oivalluksilta ei voi välttyä. Voin lämpimästi suositella Marcia!

Gary H. - Asia Marketing Director


On a personal note, my involvement/interaction with Marc’s life coaching has helped me to discover so much more about myself, and with this an understanding/belief that the way I interact with others is what makes me successful.

Marc’s ability to articulate the subtleties of understanding what others are really saying has proved invaluable when interacting with customers and staff alike. I would highly recommend others (via Marc’s coaching) to learn how to REALLY listen, and see things from multiple perspectives.

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